Sword Art Online Series
Sword Art Online Series



Kirito As a young solo-player of the death game, Sword Art Online, Kirito works his way through various dungeons while aiming to clear the game. His outstanding abilities earned him the title of the “Black Knight”, and he continues to make his presence felt in the game.
Asuna Just like Kirito, Asuna is a girl who finds herself trapped in the world of Sword Art Online. Although her dedicated personality often leads to conflict with Kirito, her connection to him strengthens as they gradually become irreplaceable partners.


  • Episode1

    Volumes 1~2 Aincrad

    This is where it all begins - the origin and pinnacle of the series where the Black Knight’s heroic saga unfolds! Aincrad serves as the stage of Sword Art Online. Here, in-game death is equivalent to death in real life. The only way to survive is to finish the game.

  • Episode2

    Volumes 3~4 Fairy Dance

    After clearing Sword Art Online, Kirito logs out only to find that Asuna is still unconscious! Fairy Dance follows the tale of Sylph player Leafa, as she assists Kirito in reaching Asuna in the new game ALfheim Online.

  • Episode3

    Volumes 5~6 Phantom Bullet

    A year after Sword Art Online was cleared, incidents causing real-life death begin to occur in Gun Gale Online, a new VRMMO. Amidst a storm of steel and ranged weaponry, Kirito teams up with a young girl named Sinon on a quest for the truth.

  • EXTRA Episode

    EXTRA Episode
    Volume 7 Mother’s Rosario

    Struggling to have her mother understand her feelings, Asuna crosses paths one day with a dominant player called the “Absolute Sword” in Zekken. Who is this player, and what does this encounter mean for Asuna? Uncover the beautiful yet heartbreaking tale of the Sleeping Knights Guild through this very special episode.

  • EXTRA Episode

    EXTRA Episode
    Volume 8 Early and Late

    Explore a collection of side stories featuring the investigation into A Crime Within The Walls in Sword Art Online, the quest for Excalibur in ALfheim Online, as well as other previously undisclosed parts of the series.

  • Episode4

    Volumes 9~20 Alicization

    Kirito opens his eyes and finds himself immersed in an unfamiliar VR world. The NPCs around him possess what appear to be human emotions, and Kirito grows closer and closer to YUJIO, a boy that he encounters in this new environment. Follow Kirito as he finds his way through this extended arc containing the climax of the series.

  • Reboot:Episode1

    Progressive Series

    Back to when and where it all began… Starting from the first floor of Aincrad, this reboot series follows Kirito and Asuna closely as they take on the death game. Will the duo find light at the end of the journey? Or does death await?